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If you are wondering how to get internet connection is secure, easy. There are tools you can use to protect themselves from criminals in cyberspace, such as snoops, hackers, brother and even a school or office admin. For a reasonable price, you can use SSL proxy when you surf online. This kind of proxy combines encryption and IP masking for anonymous and secure browsing.

What is SSL proxy? First, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This technology is the de facto standard for data encryption over the Internet. To use SSL, the user's browser and the web server he saw the need to establish a secure connection. They identify each other with their respective SSL certificate, which bore the name and other information about the owner. This data is then encoded by the sender using the "recipient's public key." Recipient data and then decrypt the data using its "private key." SSL to ensure that whatever you transfer between the server and secure web browser. Even if someone were to intercept, they will see only encrypted code means that because of this.

A proxy server, on the other hand, is a mediation server between the browser and web server. If you use an anonymous type, it will disguise the IP address ("ID number" you are online) and other information about you so you can surf without leaving any traces of themselves in cyberspace.

SSL proxy combine both strategies to browsing anonymously and safely end. Your data is encrypted, you access a secure web server ('https' in the URL bar), and you also disguised behind an anonymous third party server. This will protect your privacy on the one hand, and wards off the threat of security on the other side.

Many security and privacy threats abound online. Common include: identity theft, credit card fraud, tracking or stalking, improper access of data and monitoring by third parties, restrictions on the network does not make sense, the suppression of freedom of speech, spyware, adware, trojans malware and viruses, phishing and pharming and various security issues.

The best protection against this danger is the ability to remain anonymous while maintaining the integrity of the sending and receiving data. SSL proxy service will do it for you. The good news is that this is not expensive. You can get anonymous and secure browsing just a few dollars per month. Given what is at stake, paying for the service is worth the money.